This page contain links of various Bash Scripts for System Administration purpose.

1 Bash script to Kill Zombie Process :

1. Generate MD5 hash using Perl
Script :

Usages :

[ ~]# perl Amit
MD5 hex digest of Amit = 93ddb8a4d794c52b08c2dee698580f41
MD5 base64 digest of Amit = k924pNeUxSsIwt7mmFgPQQ
SHA1 hex digest of Amit = 79ca3fdc7d11e22763adaa6c08e31c1c99eababe
SHA1 base64 digest of Amit = eco/3H0R4idjrapsCOMcHJnqur4

[]# perl a
MD5 hex digest of a = 0cc175b9c0f1b6a831c399e269772661
MD5 base64 digest of a = DMF1ucDxtqgxw5niaXcmYQ
SHA1 hex digest of a = 86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8
SHA1 base64 digest of a = hvfkN/qlp/zhXR3cuerq6jd2Z7g

3) Linux Health Check script 


It provide below parameters

        System Health Status

Print Operating System Details
Checking For Read-only File System[s]
Checking For Currently Mounted File System[s]
Checking For Disk Usage On Mounted File System[s]
Checking For Zombie Processes
Checking For INode Usage
Checking SWAP Details
Checking For Processor Utilization
Checking For Load Average
Most Recent 3 Reboot Events
Most Recent 3 Shutdown Events
Top 5 Memory Resource Hog Processes
Top 5 CPU Resource Hog Processes

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