New Features in RHEL 8

RHEL 8 Released – Check Out RHEL-8 New Features

RHEL 8 is based on Fedora 28 and uses upstream Linux kernel 4.18. This release provides a stable, secure and good foundation for hybrid cloud deployments to support customer’s workloads.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 provides support for following architectures.

  •     AMD and Intel 64-bit architectures
  •     The 64-bit ARM architecture
  •     IBM Power Systems, Little Endian
  •     IBM Z
Focused Features of RHEL 8

  •     For desktop users, Wayland is the default display server as a replacement of the server. Yet X.Org is still available.
  •     RHEL 8 supports PHP 7.2
  •     In RHEL8, Nginx 1.14 is available in the core repository
  •     Shared copy-on-write data extents are supported by XFS.
  •     Iptables are replaced by the nftables as a default network filtering framework.
  •     The new version of YUM4 comes with RHEL 8 which is based on DNF.
  •     It is compatible with the YUM v3 (which is present in RHEL 7).
  •     It provides fast performances and less installed dependencies.
  •     To meet specific workload requirements, it provides more choices of package version.
  •     RPM v4.14 is available in RHEL 8. Before starting the installation; RPM validates the whole package contents.
  •     Nginx 1.14 is available in core repository in RHEL 8
  •     Python 3.6 is the default Python version in RHEL 8
  •     Wayland is the default display server instead of the Xorg server in RHEL 8
  •     The Cockpit is now available by default

Security Features of RHEL 8

  •     The new security is also a key element of RHEL 8. The addition of support for the Open SSL 1.1.1 and TLS 1.3 cryptographic standard makes RHEL 8 remarkable.
  •     By integrating the new features, Red Hat makes it easier for the system administrator to manage. The administrator can switch between modes (default, legacy, future, and fips) by using the new update -crypto-policies command.
  •     System-wide cryptographic policies are functional by default.
Improved System Performance in RHEL 8

  •     Red hat includes many container tools in RHEL8. It brings support for Buildah, Podman, and Skopeo.
  •     System management boost up with the composer features. This feature facilitates organizations to build and deploy custom RHEL images.
  •     RHEL 8 brings support for the Stratis filesystem, file system snapshots, and LUKSv2 disk encryption with Network-BoundDisk Encryption (NBDE).
  •     The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux Web Console also enhances the management of RHEL. It enables administrators to deal with bare metal, virtual, local and remote Linux servers.