Sample questions answers for AWS Certification Part-1

AWS Certification Sample questions and answers for AWS Associate Solutions Architect Certification Part-1

Q.What does Amazon S3 stand for?
A.Simple Storage Service.

Q:You must assign each server to at least _____ security group

Q:Before I delete an EBS volume, what can I do if I want to recreate the volume later?
A:Store a snapshot of the volume

Q:Select the most correct answer: The device name /dev/sda1 (within Amazon EC2 ) is _____
A:Reserved for the root device

Q:If I want an instance to have a public IP address, which IP address should I use?
A:Elastic IP Address

Q:What does RRS stand for when talking about S3?
A:Reduced Redundancy Storage

Q:All Amazon EC2 instances are assigned two IP addresses at launch, out of which one can only be reached from within the Amazon EC2 network?
A:Private IP address

Q:What does Amazon SWF stand for?
A:Simple Work Flow

Q:What is the Reduced Redundancy option in Amazon S3?
A:Less redundancy for a lower cost.

Q:Fill in the blanks: Resources that are created in AWS are identified by a unique identifier called an _
A:Amazon Resource Name

Q:If I write the below command, what does it do? ec2-run ami-e3a5408a -n 20 -g appserver
A:Start twenty instances as members ofappservergroup.

Q:While creating an Amazon RDS DB, your first task is to set up a DB ______ that controls what IP addresses or EC2 instances have access to your DB Instance.
A:Security Group

Q:When you run a DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, the "_____" serves database writes and reads

Q:Every user you create in the IAM system starts with ______.
A:no permissions

Q:Can you create IAM security credentials for existing users?
A:Yes, existing users can have security credentials associated with their account. -

Q:What does Amazon EC2 provide?
A:Virtual servers in the Cloud.

Q:Amazon SWF is designed to help users...
A:Coordinate synchronous and asynchronous tasks which are distributed and fault tolerant.

Q:Can I control if and when MySQL based RDS Instance is upgraded to new supported versions?

Q:If I modify a DB Instance or the DB parameter group associated with the instance, should I reboot the instance for the changes to take effect?
A: Yes

Q:When you view the block device mapping for your instance, you can see only the EBS volumes, not the instance store volumes.

Q:By default, EBS volumes that are created and attached to an instance at launch are deleted when that instance is terminated. You can modify this behaviour by changing the value of the flag_____ to false when you launch the instance

Q:What are the initial settings of an user created security group?
A:Allow no inbound traffic and Allow all outbound traffic

Q:Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Region as my primary?
A: Yes

Q:What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?
A:An application container on top of Amazon Web Services.

Q:True or False: When using IAM to control access to your RDS resources, the key names that can be used are case sensitive. For example, aws:CurrentTime is NOT equivalent to AWS:currenttime.

Q:What will be the status of the snapshot until the snapshot is complete.
A: pending

Q:Can we attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?

Q:True or False: Automated backups are enabled by default for a new DB Instance.

Q:What does the AWS Storage Gateway provide?
A:It allows to integrate on-premises IT environments with Cloud Storage. -

Q:Amazon RDS automated backups and DB Snapshots are currently supported for only the ______ storage engine