How to kill all processes run by a user on Linux

In this tutorial, I will show how to kill all running processes launched by a user at once

With the help of few command chain, you can kill running process of desired "user" in LINUX

Commands like : ps, grep , awk, sudo, kill, pgrep, pkill, killall 

First method 
The first method is to feed kill command with a list of process IDs generated by ps command.

$ ps -ef | grep amit | awk '{ print $2 }' | sudo xargs kill -9

Second Method

A more convenient way to look up processes based on user name is to use pgrep.

$ pgrep -u amit | sudo xargs kill -9

Third Method 

pkill can streamlines the whole process of looking up processes by user, and sending them signals. A default signal sent by pkill is SIGTERM. Using pkill, you can kill all processes by owner easily.

$ sudo pkill -u amit

Four Method 

killall is very similar to pkill in terms of killing processes by user name.

$ sudo killall -u amit