How to identify HTML5

HTML5 is the next version of HTML standards. HTML5 adds many new features for web developers that use to require plug-ins (flash) or javascript.

To check if a website is in HTML5 all you have to do is check the source code: 

  • Right click on a page 
  • Select "View Source Code" or "View Page Code" 
  • The first line will have the DOCTYPE which shows the HTML version of the page. 
  • If it's in HTML5 then it will say "<!DOCTYPE html>"

Detect HTML5 usage

If you want to see if a website is using HTML5 elements, you only need to view the source of the website.
If the source code starts with the following declaration:

<!DOCTYPE html>

you're onto a HTML5 marked up website.

Also, it may be using some new elements introduced: